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Lids Canada Launches Second-Annual Fundraising Campaign to Benefit Local Children’s Hospitals

Do you recognize the faces of the Lids Canada campaign? Kain and Khloe are back again this year as the adorable mother and son duo that tell a true story of the hardships that families go through when their children are in the hospital.

Kain’s story started at birth, born with multiple congenital heart defects. We covered his journey to recovery prior to last year’s campaign, which was a huge success.

Exceeding their fundraising total to raise $107,581.15, Lids is embarking on their second year of fundraising with a new at cash ask. You now have the option to donate $1 or $2 to your local CMN member hospital. With this new donation amount, we have no doubt that Lids will take their fundraising efforts to new heights this year.

But what about Kain? Another year has passed since we first covered his story, and he’s continuing his own medical journey at SickKids with something other than his heart: dental surgery. Due to many medical interventions and medications, five-year-old Kain’s dental health suffered. He had nine fillings and a root canal, which was followed by four tooth removals. His cup of freezies helped him through it, and he was as happy as can be despite so much dental work. Kids are truly resilient.

Kain’s Mother Khloe remarked, “Kain is currently doing the best that he can right now. His heart is performing well and his oxygen saturations are up. He was able to join a flag rugby team and run and keep up with the other kids this summer. He has now graduated to yearly visits with the cardiologist and he is right on track. Kain is still on blood thinners and we have to be very careful, he also still has a compromised immune system due to surgeries so the winters are a bit tougher for us…but we still have fun no matter what we are doing!”

Let’s help Lids raise funds for kids like Kain now until December 31. Find your nearest Lids location here.